How to convert 60Hz to 50Hz

What is 50Hz, 60Hz?

Alternating current (AC) is changing the direction of the current periodically; Cycle is the time of a cyclical change of the current; Frequency is the times of the current changes per second, unit Hertz (Hz). AC current direction changes 50 or 60 cycles per second, in accordance with 100 or 120 changes per second, then the frequency is 50 Hertz or 60 Hertz.

50 Hz and 60 Hz power sources are most often used in international power systems. Some countries (regions) commonly use 50Hz power gird while other countries use 60Hz power grid, but some appliances are not designed for both frequency operation. Then it comes with Frequency Converter.Frequency Converter

How to change 60Hz to 50Hz?

Frequency converter can convert fixed frequency (50Hertz or 60Hertz) AC power to variable frequency, variable voltage power through AC → DC → AC conversion, output pure sine wave, and adjustable frequency and voltage. It is different with variable frequency drive which is special for motor speed control only, and also different with ordinary voltage stabilizer. Ideal AC power supply is stable frequency, stable voltage, resistance is approx zero and the voltage waveform is pure sine wave (without distortion). Frequency converter output is very close to the ideal power supply, hence, more and more countries use frequency converter power supply as a standard power source in order to provide the best electrical power supply environment for appliances to estimate their technical performance.

By using a frequency converter, you can convert both 60Hz to 50Hz and 50Hz to 60Hz for home appliances, it is also a voltage converter for changing 110V to 220V.

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9/24/2016 3:16 PM
This explains how frequency works but doesn't tell how to change cycles, but your headline says how to change 50 to 60 and visa versa
11/17/2016 1:32 PM
I have a Yamaha amp. model no. RX-V1300RDS 230 volts / 50 Hz 410 watts. What frequency converter would I need to operate this unit in my home.
11/27/2016 6:03 AM
How can I hook my Xbox up to a 4K tv
11/29/2016 9:20 AM
good day, can you please help me? i have an air conditioner that is 220-240 volt,50 hz, my source of power is 110 volt and 220 volt,60 hz. i also have a transformer that i want to use across the line to give me 220 volt, the laber on the transformer is 50/60 hz. my concern is that will the transformer put out the 50 hz that the air conditioner need?
12/28/2016 2:32 AM
If it is an electric motor and it is rated for 110v/220v 60Hz/50Hz power supply, then it most likely is also designed for use on a fixed sinusoidal power supply only and therefore would not be suitable for use on a variable frequency drive (VFD), at least not without additional filtering. There are standalone devices available that are designed to provide this type of conversion (i.e. GoHz frequency converter). These have some things in common with VFD's, but the two are not the same. If the driven load is an electric motor it may make more sense, from a cost and complexity standpoint, to simply replace the motor with one designed for your voltage/frequency. If the load is solid state, then your appliance probably already has some kind of AC to DC power supply/converter, and instead this would need to be replaced with one designed for your voltage/frequency. Some appliances may require both of these changes.
12/30/2016 8:08 PM

Nice, but too bad you don't have a variable one that puts out about 10 watts so I can slow down my antique clock that is running too fast.

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Bakersfield CA 93311
1/30/2017 12:52 PM
whats the best brand and model of a frequency converter for a 1500kva generator?
2/17/2017 4:30 PM
I know by using frequency converter we can convert it just like (50 TO 60 hz) but what is the point thus your frequency is directly proportional to voltage or what?
3/1/2017 7:12 AM
hi my dear can you help me please h have a/c window type 18000 btu 220v-240v ,hz60 i want to convert it to 50hz what i will do
3/9/2017 12:25 PM
I bought a washing machine working by electric current 220 volt ,60 Hz. While my home current is 220 volt ,50 Hz.kindly can you help me what can I do
3/21/2017 2:48 AM
hello sir,

I have a water pump motor that needs 230 V, 50 Hz, 20 watts and LED that also need 230 V, 50 Hz, 120 watts... The standard Frequency here in the Philippines is 60 Hz. The Problem is Frequency Transformer ( is not available locally. Can i use VFD for these equipment?

    230 V, 60 Hz
    230 V, 50 hZ

3/21/2017 2:51 AM
VFD output is three phase, it's not suitable for single phase pump.
4/1/2017 2:59 PM
My washing machine is 50hz.willl it affect the drain motor if i use 60hz?
4/17/2017 8:17 PM
Can you help me please?
I have refrigerator made by samsung its 60 hz i wint to change it to 50hz.   Can i do this convert and how?
4/19/2017 1:54 AM
You can simply get a GoHz converter to convert 60Hz to 50Hz, or the vice.