2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Low cost 2000w true sine wave inverter for sale by manufacturer, 12V/24V/48V DC input, 110V/120V, 220V/230V/240V AC 50Hz/60Hz output, a good power devices for RV, motorhome etc.
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12v, 24v, 48v 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter for your RV, motor home, laptops, cellphones, battery chargers and other home devices, USB outlet is available.

Basic Specification

Input DC Voltage 12V 24V 48V
DC Voltage Range 10.5V~15V 21V~30V 42V~60V
Output AC Voltage 100V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V (Option)
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz +/-0.3% (Option)
Rated Power 2000W
Peak Power 4000W
Waveform Pure sine wave (THD<3%)
Efficiency >90%
Fuse 40A 20A 10A
Remote Control YES (Add-on) NO
USB Port DC 5V +/- 5%, 500 mA
Outlet Types Universal outlet (Or specify it in orders)
Protection Over Voltage All indicators OFF, alarm Bi~~~
Under Voltage 10.5V 21V 42V
Indicate alarm Bi~~~, then all indicators OFF, alarm BiBi~~~
Overload & Short Circuit Red indicator ON, alarm BiBi~~~
Overheat Yellow indicator ON
Environment Working Temperature -5-50°C
Storage Temperature -20-55°C
Working Humidity 10%-90%
Storage Humidity 5%-95%
Specs Dimension (370+33) * 216 * 88 mm
Package Size 485 * 255 * 110 mm
Net Weight 5 kg
Gross Weigh 6.6 kg


Tips: Can I connect a 2000w pure sine wave inverter to an adapter with 220V 50Hz power supply input to get 110V 60Hz power?
A power inverter can convert DC to AC using on RV, homemotor, car etc. to charge laptop, cellphone etc. Suppose you have a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter which is powered by a set of 12V/24V DC batteries, and has an output of 110V 60Hz, you want to connect the inverter with an adapter to the wall plug (220V 50Hz). (PS, you can use a GoHz frequency converter to convert 220V 50Hz to 110V 60Hz, or vice)

In a word, NO, unless the load requirements are so small they approach no-load. Of course, it all depends on the actual power level you require from this 2000 watt sine wave inverter and the inverter's full load power capability, and whether or not it's a true sine type or a quasi-sine (aka modified sine). Generally, the pure sine wave inverter will require large DC current pulses from the battery and will need at least 1-5 amps from a lab supply or adapter, even at no-load on the power inverter.

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