Modify GoHz Single Phase 240v Converter to Split Phase 120v/240v

Besides of the different frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz power system, European/Asian single phase 3wire 220v-240v (L,N,G) is different with American split phase 4wire 120v/240v (L1-L2,N,G) power supply. GoHz frequency converter is a great solution to convert between 50Hz and 60Hz to make the appliance work at its rated frequency among different countries, the input accepts both single phase 3wire 220v-240v and split phase 4wire 120/240v system, also the output terminals can be selected for either European 3wire standard or American 4wire standard. But in some cases, people may not notice the difference of the wiring system when ordering a GoHz converter, or just bring GoHz converter to another country, as the output terminals are factory-selected, it needs to do some modifications on the output terminals. This article will show to how to modify a GoHz converter from European/Asian single phase 3wire L-N-G output to American split phase 4wire L1-L2-N-G output.

Warning: please find an experienced electrician to do the modification and follow this instruction strictly!!!

1. Open the left & right side covers of GoHz frequency converter, find out the terminal blocks of the main transformer, tear down the insulating bush and mark them as 1,2,3,4 (refer to bellow pictures).
GoHz frequency converter main auto-transformer terminal blocks
Mark main auto transformer terminal blocks

2. Unscrew the terminal blocks of the transformer.
Unscrew terminal blocks
Unscrew transformer terminal blocks

3. Cut off the cables connected to the capacitors, and mark them as 5,6,7,8.
Cut off the cables of capacitors Mark cables of capacitors

4. Disassemble the PE earth cable of GoHz converter output side, get a 16mm2 70cm length cable (marked as I cable), and a 0.5mm2 100cm length cable (marked as II cable). Screw one end (B) of I cable with the transformer's 2,3 cables and the capacitor's 6,7 cables. Screw the other end (A) of I cable with II cable to GoHz converter's output PE terminal.
GoHz frequency converter output terminals Disassemble PE earth cable two cables
Screw cables together GoHz frequency converter output switch  

5. Disassemble the cables on the 9 terminal of GoHz converter's output switch, replace with a 16mm2 110cm length cable (marked as III cable), and cut off the red 0.5mm2 cable (marked as IV cable).
Unscrew cable Disassembled cables Cut off cable
Mark the red cable Cut off cable Replace with new cables

6. Screw one end (C) of III cable with IV cable to the 9 terminal of GoHz converter's output switch, pull the other end (D) of III cable through A1/B2 inductors and connect it with the capacitor's 5 cable to the transformer's 1 terminal.
Screw new cable to GoHz frequency converter Pull cable through inductors Cables of transformer
Screw the other end of 10 cable with the capacitor's 8 cable to the transformer's 4 terminal. (The other end of 10 cable is the 4 cable in step 1)
Output switch Cables of transformer  

7. Cut off all of the cables on high/low grade switch and wrap them with insulating tape.
GoHz frequency converter high/low grade switch Cut off the switch cables Wrap cables with insulating tape

8. Connect the cables with the same mark (9-9, 10-10, 11-11, and 12-12), and reverse position of A+ and A-.
Output switch Re-connect all of the cables

9. Pull out the 13 cable and then plug to 14 terminal.
Pull out cable Plug cable  

10. Wrap the cables of the AC contactor with insulating tape, make sure all of the cables are well connected as the instruction indicated, then power on GoHz frequency converter.
Wrap cables with insulating tape Power on GoHz frequency converter


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5/3/2021 5:56 PM
Hello, can I get the part number for a 230v 50Hz to 220V 60Hz split phase converter? In other words, a frequency converter without having to do all the wiring works above.
Standing by for your feedback.
7/9/2019 10:33 PM
Hi how to convert European 220v single phase to 110/220v 3wire 5600w for my dryer please help thank you
6/8/2019 1:57 AM
I live in New Zeakand and have an American 4 wire dryer...L1 L2 N and Earth 2 phase 110volt AC. New Zealand has 240 AC single phase. How do I convert to US standard. Wattage is 5400 on the heater. What do I need to buy and how much in NZ dollars. Email is
Phone. 642108374904