50/60 Hz Converter for washing machine (Germany to US)

My wife and I purchased a new washing machine in Germany (230V 50 Hz) while we lived there and recently moved back to the US (110V 60 Hz). We received our new washer in our crate shipped from Germany and I purchased a power converter. Problem is the Hz in incorrect and the washer does not operate correctly due to the onboard computer needing 50Hz. Would it be cheaper to purchase a new washer rather than a Hz converter to run the machine?

It is a Beko washing machine and the panel on the back says 230v/50Hz 2200 watt max output. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. I purchased a 5000 watt transformer and the rest of our shipped German devices work perfectly on it. I ran a microwave and a toaster at the same time so I know the voltage is good. But not the frequency. Is there a company that would make a device to convert US 60 Hz to 50 Hz for my machine?

Using GoHz Converter to convert 110V 60 Hz to 230V 50 Hz

By using a GoHz frequency converter, you can easy convert US power 110V 60 Hz to Germany 230V 50 Hz in one step, without additional transformer.

For a 2200 watts washing machine, it needs a 3kVA 50/60 Hz converter at least, and mush pay attention to operation amps of the washing machine, it should be lower than the converter's amps.

But we do think the Hz converter is too expensive for the washing machine, you'd better buy a new one instead of changing the Hz.

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Washing machine 50HX

Same here I tried to do it the proper way with an inverter but the inverter was a modified sine wave and the machine did not like it to be comfortable.
So I am going to buy a pure sine wave inverte but don't know from where?
China is flaky....for my gusto and difficoult to communicate.

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