Convert US 120V 60Hz to 240V 50Hz power supply

I have three appliances that were purchased in Africa 240V 50Hz and would like to use them in the USA 120V 60Hz power grid. They are a gas range with electric oven, freezer and two refrigerators, one double door with freezer and the other single door refrigerator. They are in storage so don't have exact wattage requirements. Can you suggest which of your frequency/voltage converters I should consider?

GoHz 120V 60Hz to 240V 50Hz Converter

You can use a GoHz single phase converter to change US power 120V 60Hz to your expected Hz and Volts. In your case, you need to find out the total loads' capacity of your machines, and the peak working amps during starting, then choose a corresponding frequency converter.

Find more information

Has been difficult finding such information. So far have only received one response to a number of messages sent to the appliance companies. Unfortunately because I sent the message through their websites the reply did not specify which appliance cook range, double wide refrigerator/freezer, single door refrigerator, or single door freezer the amperage given was for. The email I received from South Africa only said the appliance was rated as 10Amps but didn't say which one! Also the responder did not give info on which company they are representing.

They are in storage and from what I have read, it is not a good idea to plug appliances with motors with 50Hz to a 60Hz system. I continue to investigate. Seems that if I don't get further replies from my messages sent, that I will have to wait until I get the appliances out of storage.

50Hz motor running on 60Hz power supply

Systems are different on 50Hz & 60Hz while designing the system, whether it needs to be operated on 60Hz system or 50Hz system. 60Hz systems usually use 110V/120V power source or thereabouts for the domestic power supply, while 50Hz systems tend to use 220V/230V/240V power supplies etc. Generally a 50Hz motor speed would be 1500 RPM whereas at 60Hz the speed would be 1800 RPM, with a 20% increase in speed the motor would also then be able to produce 20% more horsepower.

When frequency is increased voltage has got reduced

v=Vp Sin (2*pi*f*t)

If f is increase than sin value will be less, voltage will be reduced. So due to this factor 60Hz motor may not run on 50Hz power system because of its voltage parameter and sine angle. If we design the system with vary of voltage and frequency than it may work.

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