10 steps to ensure quality of 3-phase frequency converter

High quality power supplies are essential in the R&D and production lines of electrical and electronic manufacturing companies, a frequency converter can simulate worldwide electric power (50Hz 60Hz) to test the appliances/machines work in their perfect circumstance. GoHz adopts a series of quality inspection steps to ensure the quality of frequency converter after manufacturing, here we will show you 10 steps to test the frequency converter.

Step.1 Power on GoHz 3-phase frequency converter, turn on the input switch, check the mainboard of the frequency converter see if there is any red LED indicator lighting up.

Three phase mainboards


Step.2 Using a multimeter (DC voltage) to measure the DC voltage of the 3-phase driver boards, normally it's approx 4.2v.

DC voltage of 3-phase driver boards

DC voltage 1

DC voltage 2

DC voltage 3

DC voltage 4

DC voltage measured result


Step.3 Waveform debugging, using a oscilloscope to measure the waveform of the 3 mainboards.

Three mainboards


2 points

Waveform debugging

3 mainboards



Step.4 Using voltage regulator to adjust the voltage to 380v slowly, measuring the voltage between mainboard and driver board is normal or not.

Adjust voltage

IGBT on Frequency Converter

3 mainboards

Voltage regulator

Voltage measuring result


Step.5 Measuring IGBT voltage is 520v or not.

IGBT measurement

Three phase frequency converter IGBT

IGBT measuring voltage


Step.6 Calibrate display voltage and actual output voltage are the same or not.


Calibrate display voltage

Voltage calibration

Actual voltage measurement R phase

Actual voltage measurement S phase

Actual voltage measurement T phase

Actual voltage measured result

Adjust potentiometer

Display voltage


Step.7 Adjust the overload protection warning.

Frequency converter display

Overload protection adjustment

Overload protection

3 mainboards


Step.8 Frequency converter commissioning finished, connect full load (heating tube) to each phase at the same time, aging time is 30 hours.

3-phase frequency converter display


3 mainboards


Step.9 Measure output waveform.

Frequency converter output waveform


Step.10 Power on the frequency converter before packing, measure the input, output voltage, frequency, make sure everything is OK.

GoHz three phase frequency converter


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