100 hp (75 kW) Soft starter, 230v/420v/480v/690v

Low price 100 hp soft starter, 75 kW three phase 230v, 420v, 480v, 690v for selection, control motor in soft start & soft stop, direct sale by manufacturer.
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100 hp AC motor soft starter, 75 kW three phase 230v, 420v, 480v, 690v for selection.

Model GS2-075 (230v), GS3-075 (420v), GS4-075 (480v), GS6-075 (690v).
Capacity 100 hp (75 kw)
Current 150 amps at 380v/480v, 320 amps at 220v, 90 amps at 690v
Weight 5 kgs
Dimension 270*146*160 mm
Input Voltage 3 phase 230v, 420v, 480v, 690v AC
Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
Adaptive Motor Squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motor
Starting Times It is recommended not to exceed 20 times per hour.
Communication DB9 interface, male plug, ① is RS485+, ⑥ is RS485-
Control Mode (1) Operation panel control. (2) Operation panel + external control. (3) External control. (4) External control + COM control. (5) Operation panel + external + COM control. (6) Operation panel + COM control. (7) COM control. (8) No start or stop operation.
Start Mode (1) Current-limiting to start. (2) Voltage ramp to start. (3) Torque control + current-limiting to start. (4) Torque control + voltage ramp to start. (5) Current ramp to start. (6) Voltage current-limiting double closed-loop start.
Stop Mode (1) Soft stop. (2) Free stop.
Protective Function (1) Open loop protection for external instantaneous stop terminals. (2) Over-heat protection for soft starter. (3) Protection for too long starting time. (4) Input open phase protection. (5) Output open phase protection. (6) Unbalanced three-phase protection. (7) Starting over current protection. (8) Running overload protection. (9) Under voltage protection for power voltage. (10) Overvoltage protection for power voltage. (11) Protection for fault parameter setting of the soft starter. (12) Load short circuit protection. (13) Auto restart or incorrect wiring protection. (14) Incorrect wiring protection of external control stop terminals.
Ambient Place to be used Indoor location with good ventilation free from corrosive gas and conductive dust.
Altitude Below 1000M. It has to increase the soft starter rate power when the altitude is more than 1000M.
Temperature -30 +55 oC
Humidity 90%RH without dew condensation.
Vibration <0.5G
Structure Enclosure IP 20
Cooling Natural wind cooling.


Tips: Soft Starter vs Variable Frequency Drive

Not all soft starters use a simple reduced voltage principle. For a number of years now, advanced soft starters (including the units manufactured by Gozuk), have used 'torque control' that produces a far better starting and stopping characteristic. While variable frequency drives (VFD) produce excellent soft starting and stopping functions (sometimes with extremely low starting current), they are expensive solutions if variable speed is not required - particularly on large applications. Also, the skill level required to 'correctly' commission variable frequency drives is far greater than it is for soft starters. They both have their place and as a supplier and systems integrator for both technologies, we have to be smart enough to know which one to recommend to our customers.

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Bypass contactor
The bypass contactor is a must, it used to switching on/off the motor before and after starting period, so can limit the motor inrush/surge current.
Don't provide, but you can get it locally, not an issue and Not expensive!
If you tell us about your motor rated current and voltage, we shall inform you what rating you should purchase.
By GoHz.com on 12/02, 2020
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Bypass contactor
Can you explain what is the purpose of bypass contactor when using your soft starter? Can this soft starter be installed and used without bypass contactor? If this soft starter must have this bypass contactor KM , do you guys sell those contactors? If you do how much do they cost?
By Amy on 12/02, 2020
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