1 kVA Frequency Converter 60Hz to 50Hz

1 kVA solid state frequency converter, converting 60Hz to 50Hz, also boosting 110V/120V to 220V/230V/240V with built-in step up transformer, for US and Europe home appliances, new design in low price.
Delivery date: 6 - 12 Days

1 kVA solid state frequency converter, converting single phase 110V/120V 60Hz to 220V/230V/240V 50Hz in one step.


Model HZ-60-1101
Dimension 420*330*180mm
Weight 45 kg
Input Voltage 1 Phase 2 Wire: 110V/120V, 220V/230V/240V ± 10% (option *)
Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz ± 5%
Output Voltage, current 120V Setting (Low grade): 0-150V, 8.4A
240V Setting 0-300V (High grade): 0-300V, 4.2A
Load stabilization Rate ≤±1%
Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz up to 400Hz adjustable
-When the output is 400Hz, the load capacity can only reach 50% of the rated capacity.
-When the output is ≤120Hz, the load capacity can reach 100% of the rated value.
-You can just adjust converter output frequency in the range (40-400Hz) for 400Hz option.
Frequency Stability ≤±0.01%
Harmonic Distortion Pure Sine Wave ≤2%
Frequency meter 4 digit, digital frequency meter, resolution 0.1Hz/Step
Voltmeter 4 digit, digital voltage meter, resolution 0.1V
Ammeter 4 digit, digital ammeter, resolution 0.1A
Watt meter 4 digit, digital Watt meter, resolution 0.1W
Protection With overload, short circuit, over temperature
Instantaneous power failure protection and alarm device
Working Environment Temperature 0 - 40 deg.℃
Humidity 0 - 90% (Non condensation)
Warranty 18 months

* The input voltage is factory selected.

Tips: Where is 60 Hz (Hertz) or 50 Hz (Hertz) being used?
The US is not the only country 60 Hz is used. It is used throughout North America, much of Mexico, parts of Central and South America, and parts of Japan. This was not always the standard in the US, either. As late as the 1940's, Southern California Edison used 50 Hz, and 25 Hz systems existed in Ohio. Several other frequencies were used, too. Standardization on 60 Hz didn't come about quickly. There's a similar story behind the adoption of 50 Hz in most of the rest of the world, with several different frequencies having been used in Europe before they standardized on 50 Hz. Most of Asia followed Europe, because they adopted similar equipment and standards, especially everywhere the British Empire went (India, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia). Other countries that wanted to interconnect with these early systems would have had an incentive to choose the same frequencies.

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PDF: HZ-60 Frequency Converter User Manual
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Frequency converter for 50Hz to 60Hz
Yes, we can. 110V to 120V is not a concern at all, GoHz Frequency converter output voltage is adjustable in the range (0-150V).
Based on your specs, recommended frequency converter model: HZ-50-1103, 3kVA power capacity, input: 1ph, 110V (+/- 10%), 50/60Hz and output: 1ph (L,N,G), adjustable (0-150V), adjustable (40-120Hz), 25A. Contact GoHz for more details.
By GoHz.com on 12/02, 2020
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Frequency converter for 50Hz to 60Hz
I live on a US Navy base in Japan. We have 110V 50Hz electricity in our home. We want to operate an espresso machine that is spec'd for 120V 60Hz 1500W. Can you make a frequency converter for 50Hz to 60Hz? I don't think the 110V to 120V is a concern.
By Amy on 12/02, 2020
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Fast delivery
I received my frequency converter today in perfect condition.  So, thank you for the fast delivery.
By Wardi on 11/05, 2018
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110V 60Hz to 220V 50Hz
Easy converting 110V 60Hz to 220V 50Hz by inner step up transformer.
By GoHz.com on 07/10, 2014
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