60 kVA Static 50Hz/60Hz Frequency Converter

60 kVA 50 Hertz, 60 Hertz static frequency converter, 3 phase 220V, 230V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 440V, 480V pure sine wave converter for industrial equipment, direct sale by manufacturer with cheap price.
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Affordable 60 kVA static frequency converter, easy converting 50Hz to 60Hz, 400Hz with pure sine wave output, compatible with three phase 220V - 240V, 380V, 400V - 480V power system.


Model HZ-50-3360
Capacity 60 kVA
Dimension 900*800*1200 mm
Weight 480 kg
Input Voltage 3 Phase 4 Wire: Wye Type 190/110, 200/115, 208/120, 220/128, 230/132, 240/139V ±10% (option *)
3 Phase 4 Wire: Wye Type 380/220, 400/230, 415/240, 440/254, 460/265, 480/277V ± 10% (option *)
3 Phase 4 Wire: Della Type 220, 230, 240, 380, 400, 415, 440V ± 10%
Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz ± 5% (option *)
Output Voltage, current 110V Setting (Low grade): 0-150V (phase voltage), 0-260V (line voltage) 166.4A
220V Setting (High grade): 0-300V (phase voltage), 0-520V (line voltage) 83.2A
Load stabilization Rate ≤±1%
Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz up to 400Hz adjustable
-When the output is 400Hz, the load capacity can only reach 50% of the rated capacity.
-When the output is ≤120Hz, the load capacity can reach 100% of the rated value.
-You can just adjust converter output frequency in the range (40-400Hz) for 400Hz option.
Frequency Stability ≤±0.01%
Harmonic Distortion Pure Sine Wave ≤2%
Frequency meter 4 digit, digital frequency meter, resolution 0.1Hz/Step
Voltmeter 4 digit, digital voltage meter, resolution 0.1V
Ammeter 4 digit, digital ammeter, resolution 0.1A
Watt meter 4 digit, digital Watt meter, resolution 0.1W
Protection With overload, short circuit, over temperature
Instantaneous power failure protection and alarm device
Working Environment Temperature 0 - 40 deg.℃
Humidity 0 - 90% (Non condensation)
Warranty 18 months

* The input voltage is factory selected.

Tips: Difference of 50Hz and 60Hz power supplies
Power supplies are generated by turbo generators (2P or 4P) or hydro generators (4P or above 4P). Speed of the turbine (Ns) decide the frequency of power supply (Ns = 120*f/P). 50 Hz power supply from 4P generators requires turbine speed of 1500 rpm while 60 Hz power supply from same generators requires turbine speed of 1800 rpm. Actually frequency is proportional to speed of turbine Ns. We can generate any desired frequency by varying Ns (though it is not done). So far as equipment size is concerned there is no visual compactness seen between 50 Hz and 60 Hz equipment, though 60 Hz will be "a bit" smaller than 50 Hz.

For example let us take a 50 Hz motor and use it in 60 Hz. As frequency is increased its speed increase for same load resulting in better cooling, higher back EMF, more stress on bearing. Higher EMF results in lower current drawn from supply so lower copper loss. As a result of increase in frequency iron loss increase. Any damage in motor will be more of mechanical in nature than electrical.
Europe, Asia have 50 Hz power supplies while US has 60 Hz. The difference is the result of technological conflict.

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