Advantages of Frequency Converter over Diesel Generator

In the power supply industry, a lot of equipments can be used as a power source. These equipments have their own characteristics and advantages for different types of applications. But all of these equipments are essential in the power industry development of the world. Here GoHz writes a brief introduction of the advantages of using static frequency converter compare to diesel generator set, and why the customer trying to replace their existing generator to a static frequency converter.

  1. The noise of frequency converter is much lower than generator set.
  2. The efficiency of frequency converter is higher, and it is easy to start and stop during the testing of loads; Generator consumes lots of energies with lower efficiency, and cannot be stopped casually after starting, even if the load test is suspended, the generator cannot be stopped running which will consume a lot of energies.
  3. Frequency converter can be used for testing DC motors as well as AC motors (including variable frequency motors), the output frequency can be adjusted from 40 Hz to 120 Hz; The generator is difficult to operate at full load in a wide frequency range.
  4. The wiring/operation/start/stop of frequency converter is much easier than generator according to the testing requirements.
  5. The daily maintenance of frequency converter is simpler than generator.

Frequency Converter vs Generator

Through the comparison, That's why we got lots of inquiries about changing diesel generator to frequency converter, such as following:

My name is Ryan and I work for a marine engineering company. The company designs, manufactures and tests equipment for military vessel predominantly in the UK but also do a lot of overseas work as well. I am working with a team putting together a proposal for a test site upgrade for testing hydraulic power units. Majority of military vessel have a 3-phase, 440v 50Hz supply on board. When it comes to testing this equipment, the customer will generally want to see 60Hz supplied to the units.

Currently to provide a 60Hz supply, we use diesel generators to do this. However, after doing some calculations I have found that the running costs of a generator compared to using mains supply is 41% more expensive than mains supply. Therefore I would like to try and reduce the use of generators down. I have a number of questions that I will list below:

- Do you have a frequency converter that converts 3-phase power from 440V, 50Hz to 440V 60Hz?

- The largest HPU we will currently test is 180kW full load, do you have a frequency converter that large? If so could you provide me with a quote so I can compare this to generator costs etc.

- If you do not have a converter that can cope with that load, hat is the maximum power rating of your frequency converters in the range listed in the first question?

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