Convert three phase 480V 60 Hz to 380V 50 Hz

I am trying to run a European instrument in the United States. The instrument consists of a three phase turbine and a three phase pump, and two heating elements that are single phase. The turbine in the pump is designed to operate on 3-phase 380 V, 50 Hz electricity. The heating elements are wired in such a way that they utilize 220 V, 50 Hz electricity. The problem is that our power in the United States is three phase 480 V, 60 Hz. This machine was built in the 1980s and is not compatible with 60 Hz.

I have been told that I cannot use a three-phase VFD to power the instrument. The feedback from the single phase pumps and the control elements will shut most VFDs down. Are any of your instruments compatible with my application? The total power consumption is slightly less than 4 kW and the maximum current is 16A. I basically need something that will convert 480 V 60 Hz to 380 V 50 Hz, but will also tolerate the single phase heating elements that operate from 220 V 50 Hz.

GoHz 480V 60Hz to 380V 50Hz Converter

GoHz frequency converter can change 480V 60Hz to 380V 50Hz, also can be connected to single phase loads.

If the peaking current is 16amps (especially during starting time), a 15kVA three phase converter will be suitable, rated current at 20.8amps. But we think the price maybe too high for it.

A VFD can be input with 480V 60Hz, output 50Hz, but due to the output of the VFD is not pure sine wave, it will make the motor heating and shorten its service life, and some older motors are not VFD-designed.

affect of frequency 50hz or 60 hz on motor stator and rotor resistance?

Dear All,
Today I changed frequency setting for my motor in danfoss vfd from 50 to 60 hz and after that i noticed increase in stator and rotor resistance by approx 3 ohms, so is it normal?

Input 480V L-L 50/60Hz Output 400V L-L 50 Hertz


Can you please quote price and delivery to Mexico on the following transformer to operate  UK voltage.

Input 480V L-L 50/60Hz
Output 400V L-L  50 Hertz

please advise, email me on

600V 60 HZ TO 380 V 50 HZ


I am the machine manufcaturer and using the servo motors and and its drivers . ( 7.5KW +5.5kW )
Our system is 380V 50Hz in TURKEY

An I am exporting the machine to Canada -Ontario so there is 600V 60Hz ; which type of converter do i need , how many KVA should be ??

And do I need any another componenets pls answer !!


conversion unit

We wish to purchase a machine which 380v 3 ph 50 (30 KVA) and wish to run in the usa at 220v 3ph 60.

Do you sell a product I can use

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I asked to get a 220 volts 3 phase  - 60hz ,6 kw  , for run a machine that waswired  original work for 380 v 50 HZ

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