Pole Mounted, Remote Controlled Circuit Breaker vs Recloser

When saying remote controlled, then some control gadgetry and circuitry gets involved in the business; meaning that it is not simply a circuit breaker. There is an automatic off/on gadgetry involved in it and the additional wiring and circuitry to be done depending from where you need to control it; right below the pole, at the nearest substation or at the remote Load Center.

Bottom line, you are not comparing an apple to an apple in this case.

A pole mounted Recloser is simply a manual make/break mechanical circuit breaker. This is still available very economical and practical and still widely used in most of the poor third world countries.

Circuit Breakers on the other hand are more simpler to use now, with most of the mechanical operation limited to inside the breaker itself. And with most of the stuff coming from the east now (I mean China etc.), and of good quality too and very economical also, the MCCB option becomes more appealing

So, if you compare apple to apple, then you will see that a pole mounted recloser and a pole mounted MCCB do not differ much in price. I would go for the MCCB option.

Having said that, if you want to induct remote controlling into it, then this is a completely different scenario, and a big one, with all of various options, which need a separate explanation and definition of scope of work etc.

And yes, it will be much costlier than simply a recloser or a pole mounted MCCB.

So, depending on the money you have in your pocket, you could also go for the remote controlled MCCB option, which definitely has a lot more to offer in terms of control and operation.

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