GoHz Soft Starter Price List

Soft starter is an AC motor controller that drives the motor up to full speed slowly and gently with less starting current over a longer time, this reduces the mechanical shock associated with motor start-up while providing a more gradual ramp-up to full speed.

GoHz soft starter online lists rating from 10hp to 300hp, optional input voltage for 3-phase 220v-240v, 380v-400v, 460v-480v and 690v, the lowest price starts from $352 only with free shipping. See below price list of GoHz Soft starters.

Price List Table

Power Rating 220-240v Price 380-400v Price 460-480V Price
10hp / 7.5kW GS2-7d5 $407.31 GS3-7d5 $352.31 GS4-7d5 $367.31
15hp / 11kW GS2-011 $426.93 GS3-011 $367.93 GS4-011 $382.93
20hp / 15kW GS2-015 $458.21 GS3-015 $389.21 GS4-015 $409.21
25hp / 18kW GS2-018 $512.92 GS3-018 $415.92 GS4-018 $435.92
30hp / 22kW GS2-022 $615.11 GS3-022 $426.11 GS4-022 $455.11
40hp / 30kW GS2-030 $638.20 GS3-030 $449.20 GS4-030 $478.20
50hp / 37kW GS2-037 $678.12 GS3-037 $479.12 GS4-037 $508.12
60hp / 45kW GS2-045 $1,042.91 GS3-045 $543.91 GS4-045 $572.91
75hp / 55kW GS2-055 $1,178.16 GS3-055 $579.16 GS4-055 $608.16
100hp / 75kW GS2-075 $1,318.62 GS3-075 $619.62 GS4-075 $648.62
125hp / 90kW GS2-090 $1,567.43 GS3-090 $1,168.43 GS4-090 $1,227.43
150hp / 110kW GS2-110 $1,618.51 GS3-110 $1,219.51 GS4-110 1278.51
180hp / 132kW GS2-132 $1,698.31 GS3-132 $1,299.31 GS4-132 $1,358.31
200hp / 150kW GS2-150 $1,878.53 GS3-150 $1,379.53 GS4-150 $1,438.53
250hp / 185kW GS2-185 $1,988.72 GS3-185 $1,459.72 GS4-185 1518.72
300hp / 220kW GS2-220 $2,678.36 GS3-220 $1,579.36 GS4-220 1638.36

* Above listed price may be different with the selling price, go to the soft starter shopping page to see the selling prices. Not all models are listed, the maximum power capacity is up to 815hp (600kW).

Why we select a Soft Starter rather than a Variable Frequency Drive?
A soft starter can NOT control induction motor speed, it only restricts motor starting current by applying the voltage in a ramp to avoid inrush current impact on the motor. Unless there is a requirement to vary the speed of the induction motor during operation, a soft starter is usually a better choice to reduce starting impact. Variable frequency drives (VFD) prices are much higher than soft starters, and cost more energy in operation (3% to 0.5% losses). VFDs only save energy if they reduce losses in the driven load by operating part of the time at lower speed. At constant full speed operation, they are less efficient than soft starter. The only other reason to select a VFD over a soft starter is to reduce the start current considerably. This can be of value where there is a very limited power supply.

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