VFD or DOL Start

Using a DOL system is an economic way to start a motor en by the way have cost saving, but for me the only way of really saving money according energy consume is variable frequency drive (VFD), for an easy reason, is that all the system size have a margin error in calculation and the load thermic load point is most of the time different of the real load on site, due to many reason.

I mean that using a VFD help to get the real needed load point of an application and by the way make economy in energy.

Even on a system using DOL and working need is 100% always, I made the experienced past week on pump of using VFD instead of DOL and the Customer win 4kW on an application with a motor of 15kW because we put the speed at exact load point according customer need and pump curve, that can't be done with DOL and reach with mechanical system easily without a lot of measurement system added.

My meaning is that all system that can permit to reach the maximum efficiency of an application make energy saving cost and I'm not convince that we can do with DOL or other system than with VFD.

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