What is inductive & capacitive load?

Technically an Inductive Load has the current through it lagging the supply voltage across it by 90° and a Capacitive Load will have the current through it Leading at 90° in Advance of the supply voltage across it.

However, this is where the typical expression is wrong.
When most people mention Inductive or Capacitive Loads, they really imply a Resistive Load, with some element of Inductance or Capacitance. That is why others above, refer to the phase angle as being less than 90°.

The ratio of Resistive element and the Reactive element will determine the phase angle and Power Factor. Generally Motors and similar, working near their maximum power will show something in the order of 80% Resistive and 20% Inductive load. Now this is where another confusion comes in. If that same motor with the same voltage across it and rotating at about the same speed, now has little or no mechanical Load, then the Reactive element will still be about the same as before, but the Resistive element will be very much smaller, so it will look as if it has gone more reactive. Yes the % or power factor will appear to have increased, but that is somewhat misleading as it has not changed in terms of volts or current at 90° phase angle.

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