Why we should consider energy consumption of electric motor?

Energy Management is a major part of Industry and understanding how much money it costs to operate electric motors in industry is a large part of that management. Electric Motors take up the major percentage of energy used in industry and even a small percentage drop can mean major savings.

When we go out and purchase a car, the first question most people ask is: "what is the fuel consumption"? In actual fact the cost of the fuel over a 7 year period is very low in comparison to the cost of the vehicle. When we purchase an electric motor very few people ask that question. Electricity is the fuel for an electric motor. In one year of operation the fuel to run an electric motor is many times the cost of the motor. Large industry spends millions of dollars every year running electric motors and a small percentage in savings can substantially add to the bottom line. Smaller motors are the biggest offenders when it comes to efficiency and if industry wants to save millions of dollars they should be looking at the smaller motors and the use of variable speed drives on centrifugal fans and pumps. Efficiency won't make much difference in the operation of performance of the motor, only in the operational costs.


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