Wiring GoHz Frequency Converter to US single phase 120/240v

USA/Canada single phase 240v power source consists of 4 lines, named L1, L2, N, G
L1-N = 120V, L2-N = 120V, L1-L2 = 240V
Even though GoHz single phase frequency converter can be made for 120v input, it will require additional auto-transformer inside the frequency converter to boost the voltage from 120v to 240v which will increase the weight of the converter along with the total costs.

Generally, GoHz single phase 240v frequency converter wiring terminals are L, N, G, where L-N = 240v
Now, how can I connect this frequency converter to US/Canadian 120/240v power sources?
Wiring GoHz Frequency Converter to US single phase 120v 240v
Since the required input voltage for the frequency converter is 240V, US/Canadian mains L1 connects to the converter's L, L2 connects to N, and the ground G connects to G of the frequency converter. Switch on the mains power, and measure the voltage between L and N of the converter by a multimeter, as long as the voltage is closed to 240v, GoHz Frequency converter can work with no problem.

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