GoHz Frequency Converter Operation Guide

GoHz frequency converter is a great solution for converting 50Hz to 60Hz among different countries, also can convert 60Hz to 50Hz, in additional of frequency adjusting, the output voltage is changeable from 0-300 volts for single phase power supply, 0-520 volts for three phase power supply. This article shows the basic operation guidelines of GoHz static frequency converter, you can easy set up a converter by following this guide.

Single phase frequency converter operation panel
Single phase frequency converter operation panel

GoHz frequency converter operation panel has 4 basic display windows: voltage (V), frequency (Hz), current (A), power (W).
(1) "FREQUENCY" (Hz) display the output frequency;
(2) "VOLTAGE" (V) display the output voltage;
(3) "OUTPUT AMPERE" (A) display the output current;
(4) "OUTPUT WATT" (W) display the output power.

GoHz Static Frequency Converter Operation Steps
1. Open the front door of GoHz frequency converter, you will see the input and output terminals of the machine, wiring it according to the block labels of the terminals.
2. Turn Off the output switch.
3. Turn On the input switch.
4. Press the start button – the green "ON" on the panel.

5. Voltage Regulation: The output voltage is adjustable from 0 to 300V (single phase), and 0 - 520V (three phase). The "VOLTAGE" on the panel displays the output voltage, count from left to right, the knob marked "VOLTAGE ADJ" is used for voltage adjustment, the yellow "LOW" button on the panel is a high-low voltage grade (0-150V is low grade, 0-300V is high grade) switch. If the load's required voltage is higher than 150V, press down the "LOW" button, increase the voltage by adjusting the "VOLTAGE ADJ" knob clockwise, decrease the voltage counterclockwise; If the load's required voltage is lower than 150V, popup the 'LOW "yellow button.
For three phase converters, the Low Grade voltage is 0-260v, High Grade voltage is 0-520v.

6. Frequency Setting: Change the frequency by switch of "FREQUENCY SET". Frequency adjusting switch has 4 values, from left to right they are hundreds, tens, units and decimal places. PS: the input frequency can be 50Hz or 60Hz, output frequency is adjustable from 40Hz to 120Hz (general), or even 400Hz (specify it during order if your equipment running at 400Hz, in principle a converter can work at 499.9Hz maximum).

7. Check the parameters displayed on the frequency converter panel: frequency and voltage are matching with loads. Turn on the output switch, the frequency converter is turned on to work, "OUTPUT AMPERE" on the panel is the output current, "OUTPUT WATT" is output power, the panels of output current and power panel will display the actual current and active power.

8. The red "OFF / RESET" button on the panel is Off and Reset button, in case of the frequency converter alarms, press this button to reset or shutdown.

Following two points are only for three phase frequency converters
Three phase frequency converter operation panel
Three phase frequency converter operation panel

9. The "OUTPUT CURRENT" button on the panel is a three-phase display switch: Switching it to "U", the output frequency, voltage, current, power on the panel is "U" actual output parameters; Switching it to "V", the frequency, voltage, current, power is" V "actual output parameters; Switching it to "W", the frequency, voltage, current, power is "W" actual output parameters.

10. Open the front door of the three phase frequency converter, you will see the converter's input and output terminals, there are phase voltage and line voltage display labels on the upper right corner, its toggle switch. Switching it to "phase voltage", display one of the "U-N/V-N/W-N" and phase voltage on the front panel by adjusting the three-phase display switch; Switching it to "line voltage", and the three-phase switch to "V", the front panel displays the voltage of V-W, i.e. the line voltage. (Note: When switch to line voltage, and the three-phase switch on "W" position, the voltage won't display.)

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