Instruction of GoHz Frequency Converter Remote Controlled by PLC

While switch to "self-control", all of the output parameters are controlled by the frequency converter, at the moment, all external controls are inoperative;
Frequency converter PLC control switching
While switch to "external PLC control", the keyboard of the frequency converter is inoperative, all control commands are transmitted by external PLC, refer to following instructions for detailed wirings & settings.

High & Low Voltage Grade Output Selection
Wiring the frequency converter, turn on the input switch, if the load's working voltage is between 0 to 150v, then connect COM to L; if the load's working voltage is between 150v to 300v, then connect COM to H. (Note, COM terminal must connect to H or L terminal when the frequency converter in operation, otherwise, the output voltage is inoperative)

Power On
After selected High/Low grade output voltage, delay 30 seconds, put connection between COM and ON, then the frequency converter is running. (Note, it must delay 30 seconds to connect COM and ON each time while repower the frequency converter)

Output Voltage Adjusting
Voltage Control has three control ports, 2.5v is the frequency converter internal output reference voltage, AD is the analog voltage input terminal, GND is the frequency converter internal control board's negative pole. Output voltage adjusting of 0-150v or 0-300v can be achieved by connecting an external 10k potentiometer, also can be achieved by the output voltage 0-2.5vdc of the PLC internal DA chip, the specific rate is:
High grade, 2.5v/150.0v = Analog Voltage of corresponding output 1v.
High grade, 2.5v/300.0v = Analog Voltage of corresponding output 1v.
Output Voltage Adjusting

Output Frequency Adjusting
1), GoHz converter output frequency range is 40.0-120.0 Hz
2), COM is the common terminal, the Hundreds, Tens, Units and Decimals of the output frequency is achieved by the accumulation of the BCD code 1, 2, 4, 8.
3), While COM is connected to any of the data bit, means this data bit is selected, the frequency converter will output corresponding frequency alternating current. Multi data bits can be selected at the same time, for example in setting 67.9 Hz, select 2+4 in Tens, select 1+2+4 in Units, and select 1+8 in Decimals, connect all of the selected switches to COM. In a similar way, the output frequency can be set to 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 100 Hz, etc.
Output Frequency Adjusting


Download the wiring diagram, click here. (PDF file, new window open)

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