GoHz Frequency Converter 50Hz 60Hz Settings

Following texts are the video transcription of GoHz frequency converter parameter setting.

First, we see the frequency converter panel of parameter settings, there are total 10 parameter sets, count from M0 to M9, each parameter set store the values of voltage, frequency and running time. Press the UP/DOWN buttons to select which parameter set you are going to change.

For example, we are going to set the value of M2 parameter. The panel shows the value of M1 now, press the UP button to switch to M2, and we can see the values stored in M2 parameters, the voltage 220V, frequency 40Hz, running time 12 seconds. Now, we change the value of the voltage and frequency, press the LEFT/RIGHT buttons to select. We press the RIGHT button and then there is an underline under the voltage, and then press the UP/DOWN buttons to adjust the voltage, we set it to 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V. Press the RIGHT button to set each digit. And continue to press the RIGHT button to set the frequency (50 Hz, 60 Hz, 120 Hz etc.), you can set the frequency on its hundreds, tens and the decimal point. Further to set running time value. If the underline is at the rightmost side, keep press the RIGHT button and the underline will disappear, then it's to choose the parameter set (M0 – M9) by pressing the UP/DOWN buttons. Every parameter is stored automatically into the frequency converter, you don't have to save them by additional operation.

The voltage can be set from 0 volt to 300 volts for single phase output, 0 volt to 520 volts for three phase output;
The frequency can be set from 40Hz to 499.9Hz;
The time on the panel is the frequency converter running time, the frequency converter can operate automatically at the desired time of each parameter set.

By using GoHz frequency converter, you can easy convert single phase 110V, 120V 60Hz to 220V, 230V, 240V 50Hz power supplies for home appliances operate.

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